Anna’s Illuminated Page

On the death of a young woman, the daughter of good friends and a student of mine, her community was asked to make pages for their family’s “memory book.” My mind and heart focused on the grief Anna’s parents must feel on this inexplicable and senseless accident.

Anna Illuminated page


Figure Drawing

Recently I’ve re-discovered my love of figure drawing. July 6th I was invited to draw portraits of visitors to the Whatcom Museum here in Bellingham,  in conjunction with the Ray Turner show “Population.” I brought my easel, a 6B pencil, sketch book and kneaded eraser, and drew 10 quick portraits in 2 hours. I was exhausted but satisfied.

I’ve also been attending 2-1/2 hour life drawing sessions at a local art school, Bellingham Art. Here is one drawing:

©2012 Kristen Gilje "Youth" 24x18, graphite
©2012 Kristen Gilje “Youth” 24×18, graphite