Butterfly Collection

Local  butterflies are inspiration for these paintings. I love how the geometry of their wing design is echoed in the circular patterns of labyrinths and Celtic knots.I started this series of silk paintings after taking a field class in butterflies with famous Northwest butterfly expert Bob Pyle.

All paintings are hand painted silk dye on silk, and are 28″ x 22″. Click on thumbnails to see the full image.


These paintings were done as preliminary studies for a pair of 30 foot long silk banners, commissioned by Plymouth Church, Seattle WA. Stay tuned! That’s the next page I’ll be making for you.

Plymouth Church Seattle project "Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis, 30 ft. x 45 in., hand painted silk, for Plymouth Church UCC, Seattle










2 Replies to “Butterfly Collection”

  1. Fantastic!!!! YOUR WORK IS AMAZING.You think so much like I do, it’s spooky. Also, I opened an Art Therapy Studio in Pontiac, Michigan IN 1996 with another art therapist who was a student at St. Olaf’s!!! Small world department. My question for you is what gauge of silk do you recommend for illustrating? I learned silk painting in Germany, and I love it. Right now I am working on a children’s book. Thanks, Kristen, Anne Jantz

    1. Hi Anne. I’m glad you like my work. I think for illustration I would use a 10 mm Habotai silk. That is thick enough to hold the dyes well but not overly luxurious. Since it won’t be touched or hanging it will serve your purpose well I think.

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