St. Francis Stole

St. Francis Stole 2

Commissioned to celebrate her 25th Ordination Anniversary, Pastor Mary’s husband ordered a stole to be designed and made incorporating the Prayer of St. Francis, one of  Mary’s favorite prayers. The prayer is wound through the design in gold, amongst a visual celebration of animals, insects and plants, and of course St. Francis. This design has turned out to be one of my favorites.

And since my commission schedule was full, we first sent her a framed sketch of the stole to come:

St. Francis Stole design sketch, colored pencil on paper

6 Replies to “St. Francis Stole”

  1. Kristen, I LOVE this new stole! St. Francis is one of my favorite people. Very inspiring in design, color and message!

      1. Hi Lynn. Yes the words wrap around to the back of the stole then up to the front again. Hope you are keeping warm this cold winter day.

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