Color in the Wild Silk Painting Workshop at Grunewald Guild




Last Sunday I returned from teaching a week long silk painting workshop at the Grunewald Guild, August 3-9 2015.  We had a wonderful week with 11 students, many of those returning students and a few brand new silk painters. We all learned from each other, pushed our own boundaries, made wonderful friends, enjoyed someone else cooking for us, and saturated ourselves with color.

student Becky with wings

2015 silk group portrait

Our class, entitled Color in the Wild, focused on seeing color combinations that nature provides and learning about these combinations with the help of a color wheel. We talked about complementary, split complimentary, and triadic color schemes, use of neutrals, and dominance, to name a few color thinking structures.

Triadic color combos from nature

Each student was asked to choose a primary triadic “pallet” from colors they saw in nature, and reproduce it with the dyes we had available on the above grid.

You will see from the photos below how diverse each person’s work was. Whether a newby or a seasoned silk painter, I was very proud of the depth of challenge each person took on.

Lynn, a seasoned silk painter, pushes her limits.

Here are some pictures of the work we did last week. Be patient; it’s a slide show with 6 seconds in between pictures.



And here we are below, all working in the Fiber Arts Building.

One more tidbit for you: A short video that Susi Franco made for our class

We missed you Janell!!! , and all those unable to come. Hopefully you will be with us next year.

Thanks for a wonderful week everyone. Kristen

Kristen in the Guild Garden
Instructor Kristen Gilje collecting items for color theory lesson



6 Replies to “Color in the Wild Silk Painting Workshop at Grunewald Guild”

  1. Kristin let me know when you have your next workshop! I would love to take one with you. I’m trying to learn dyes as I text.
    Do you use acid or mx dyes on silk? So confusing.

    1. Hi Jane. I’m scheduled to do a silk workshop at Grunewald Guild next July 11th – 17th, 2016.
      Here’s a link:
      I use Tinfix dyes from Dharma Trading Co. Dupont are good too but even more expensive. These are acid dyes that are steam set. Yes, it’s confusing, there are lots of different modes of dying and painting onto silk and other fabrics. I recommend calling customer service at Dharma Trading Co and picking their brains about the best type of dye for you. They are great there.

  2. Beautiful Kristin. I plan to take your silk painting class next summer at the guild. It was so incredible walking through the fiber arts each morning, and so now I can no longer wait to do it myself. Such a fun week of art and community.

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