Kennewick Christmas

Getting Ready for Christmas


I’ve been working on a commission for  Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Kennewick WA. It is a set of banners, paraments and stoles to celebrate the Christmas Season. The colors of the season are gold and white…I chose to use varying golds from darker to almost white, to represent light streaming down from the Star of David onto the Christ Child, Mary and Joseph.

Here you will see pictures of the finished paintings on silk. The fabric to decorate the font and the lectern have not been cut and hemmed yet, but they’re on their way.

First the stoles:

Pastor’s Stole
Deacon’s Stole





Detail of Scapular

Following are two wall banners, to be placed at either side of the altar:

Kennewick-Christmas--6    Kennewick-Christmas--7

And two longer narrow banners to hang from the rafters, symbolizing the light of God within the sanctuary:

Kennewick-Christmas--10       Kennewick-Christmas--11


Material for the Lectern parament and Baptismal Font paraments, yet to be cut and hemmed:




The focal piece of the whole set is a simple manger upon which the golden Light of God is shining. I am unhappy with how this painting turned out and am in the process of re-painting it. I will add it to this post when it is finished.

Here are some other photos to give you a sense of the set and of them being created in my studio.



I am grateful and honored to have been asked to design and make these banners, paraments and stoles for Lord of Life. Thank you so much for the opportunity. I will do more writing on this post when I am finished with the whole project, so stay tuned until I finish all the sewing involved!



6 Replies to “Kennewick Christmas”

  1. Oh, Kristen, the banners and stoles are just magnificent! Wow and more Wow. And to see you and your work in your studio is so wonderful.
    Mary Chaney

    1. Mary, thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you like the banners and stoles. Hey, we need to make a coffee date! Kristen

  2. I just LOVE these, Kristen! Was it difficult to control the dye to get the wonderful blending on the skin and other places? I would think it could easily run amok! Beautiful!!

    1. Hi Lynn.
      I try my best to use experience with watercolors to help with this kind of blending of dye, particularly for faces. The dyes are definitely not as versital as watercolor pigments but you can get them to move in a similar way with practice. Also much harder to work with mistakes.

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